Relieve Muscle Tension with a Deep Tissue Massage in Doncaster, Sheffield or South Yorkshire


With a growing reputation and years of experience, Four Hands Therapy ensures the relaxation and well-being of clients in Doncaster and Sheffield. With a unique blend of traditional massage techniques and our own reliable methods, our team maintains a tranquil atmosphere to allow your negative thoughts to drift away. If you require a deep tissue massage from a gifted massage therapist, we’re thrilled to accommodate with a firm, thorough and indulgent service.


Four Hands Therapy is ITEC-certified to level 3, which is an assurance of our professional ability. Located in Doncaster, we make sure the environment is ideal for your enjoyment, with refreshments, towels and shower facilities. We also conduct home visits throughout Sheffield and South Yorkshire, and can extend our reach to the rest of the UK.


By contacting a massage therapist at Four Hands Therapy, you can expect to receive the following benefits:


  • A friendly consultation to determine key problem areas
  • In-depth knowledge from the massage therapy experts
  • A deep tissue massage based on your requirements
  • The reduction of chronic aches, pains and anxiety
  • As much or as little communication as you desire
  • One-off or repeated sessions at your request
  • Complete relaxation guaranteed


Please contact a massage therapist on 07470 486221  to arrange a consultation in Doncaster or Sheffield. We believe that Four Hands enables a more effective deep tissue massage than two, leading to a more satisfying experience overall. With an unrivalled passion for a range of massage therapies, Four Hands Therapy can provide reflexology, waxing, aromatherapy or a full body massage.

Deep Tissue Massage in Doncaster
Deep Tissue Massage in Sheffield

Alleviate Pain with a Deep Tissue Massage


If you suffer from recurring headaches, muscle pain or repetitive strain injury, our experts can perform a deep tissue massage that alleviates symptoms and increases circulation. This massage involves greater pressure than other therapies, but provides long-term benefits supported by science. Not only does a deep tissue massage ease tension in the neck, shoulders, back and legs, it actively treats the muscles for fast healing and reduced inflammation. At Four Hands Therapy, we only perform massage therapies that are suitable for our clients and may make recommendations based on your physical needs.


A deep tissue massage uses slow, considered movements and is effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis, knots, scar tissue and sporting injuries. It’s not uncommon to experience some degree of tenderness following this therapy, but this can be remedied with some gentle stretching and by drinking plenty of liquids. Our therapists in Doncaster can answer any questions you have and are happy to accommodate your requests at any time.


Four Hands Therapy – Calm your body and clear your mind.


If you wish to arrange a deep tissue massage in Doncaster or Sheffield, please call 07470 486221  to speak to Lee or Tom.

Four Hands Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage in Doncaster
Deep Tissue Massage in Sheffield
Deep Tissue Massage in Doncaster
Deep Tissue Massage in Sheffield
Deep Tissue Massage in Sheffield