Improved Corporate Wellness in Doncaster, Sheffield or South Yorkshire


If your company suffers from low drive, poor productivity and high sickness levels, contact Four Hands Therapy for advice and information. Based in Doncaster and serving the areas of Sheffield and South Yorkshire, our small team offers corporate wellness days to keep employees at peak performance. As a highly experienced massage therapist team, we make sure all massages are delivered to the needs of the individual. We believe that every person deserves a tailored massage and make every effort to put our customers at ease.


Massage therapies are clinically proven to boost energy levels and reduce tension, enabling your staff to approach their work with the enthusiasm it requires.


By calling a talented massage therapist in Doncaster, your company receives the following benefits and services:


  • A friendly and client-focused approach to massage therapy
  • Competitive rates for savings in the longer term
  • Fully insured massage therapists for your confidence
  • Back massages, deep tissue and full body massages
  • Aromatherapy, reflexology and Hopi ear candling
  • Reduced anxiety for improved performance


Please contact us on 07470 486221  to consult with a professional massage therapist. We deal with all enquiries in a clear and polite manner, and can arrange corporate wellness days at a time of your convenience. We provide our therapies to a diverse range of clients in Doncaster and Sheffield, and continue to grow through positive referrals.

Corporate Wellness in Doncaster
Corporate Wellness in Sheffield

Corporate Wellness Explained


Designed as a means to improve the health of the workforce, corporate wellness programs are performed throughout South Yorkshire and the United Kingdom. These days are built around the needs of the employee and can prove especially beneficial in fast-paced environments, with constant deadlines and high stress levels. It’s firmly believed that a healthy employee will be more efficient in the workplace and require fewer sick days as a result. Aside from the numerous health benefits, corporate wellness days can actually serve as an incentive for employees.


By showing you care about an employee’s mental and physical health, you develop a positive working relationship and reinforce the bond between staff. As a professional massage therapist, Four Hands Therapy delivers a unique approach to corporate wellness throughout Sheffield by supplying two masseurs instead of one. This makes the most effective use of the allotted time and ensures all requirements are catered for. Please contact us in Doncaster for a consultation and to discuss the massage therapy available.


Four Hands Therapy – Calm your body and clear your mind.


If your company suffers from high sickness rates, call Lee or Tom on 07470 486221  to arrange a corporate wellness program in Doncaster or Sheffield.

Four Hands Therapy
Corporate Wellness in Doncaster
Corporate Wellness in Sheffield
Corporate Wellness in Doncaster
Corporate Wellness in Sheffield