Melt the Stress Away with a Back Massage in Doncaster, Sheffield or South Yorkshire

Based in Doncaster, Four Hands Therapy offers a unique take on traditional relaxation methods. As a small team, we work in tandem to lower anxiety, remove physical tension and improve your clarity of mind. With years of experience and a growing list of satisfied clients across Doncaster, Sheffield and South Yorkshire, each massage therapist has the knowledge and ability to ensure a truly indulgent and peaceful back massage. Maintaining a friendly, customer-focused approach, we discuss your requirements at the outset and tailor our service for your relaxation.


We can perform a bespoke service at our tranquil headquarters in Doncaster, and offer home visits and corporate wellness days in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and throughout the UK.


By coming to Four Hands Therapy for a back massage, you receive the following services and benefits:


  • A friendly first meeting with a trained massage therapist
  • First-rate communication, as much or as little as you please
  • Four hands for a unique and effective back massage
  • A relaxed, open and non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Improved mental health with reduced anxiety
  • An ideal environment to unwind and destress
  • Bespoke massage packages, catering to your needs
  • Complete relaxation guaranteed


If you suffer from aches, pains or simply wish to reduce the strain of everyday life, please contact us in Doncaster on 07470 486221 . A massage therapist will aim to book a consultation as soon as possible.

full Body Massage in Doncaster
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A Back Massage from the Experts


With ITEC level 3 accreditation and a growing reputation in Doncaster, Sheffield and South Yorkshire, our members are committed to massage therapy and the benefits it provides. We take pride in delivering overwhelming relaxation, in order to calm your mind, rejuvenate your body and allow your thoughts to float freely. It’s important to us that you enjoy every moment of your back massage, so we make every effort to keep you in a state of pure serenity. We encourage comfort throughout the massage and ask you to speak up with any questions or concerns you may have.


Clients who come to us for a massage often report renewed energy and clarity of mind in the following days. Massage therapy is regarded by many for its healing qualities and ability to produce lasting results, and this is especially true of our four-hand service. By having two professionals focus on your body at once, you receive the slow, relaxing movements of a back massage alongside the deeper, targeted techniques for tension and knot removal.


We accept cash, PayPal and card payments, and offer gift vouchers for all treatments available. At all times, our massage therapists conduct themselves with true professionalism and offer other therapies, from Hopi ear candling to a full body massage.


Four Hands Therapy – Calm your body and clear your mind.


you need a rejuvenating back massage in Doncaster or Sheffield, please call 07470 486221  to speak to Lee or Tom.

Four Hands Therapy
full Body Massage in Doncaster
full Body Massage in Sheffield
full Body Massage in Doncaster
full Body Massage in Sheffield
full Body Massage in Doncaster
full Body Massage in Sheffield